AI and Robotics Control Systems

Hello! My Name is Alex Elliott and I am a 17-year-old living in Toronto, Canada. One of my many passions is robotics and it has been that way since I was pretty young. When I first found robotics it changed how I thought of and interacted in the world and still has a massive impact on my life. This is evident with my involvement in First Robotics. After taking the InspiritAI program last summer it was a very similar moment where I realised I could think about the world in a new light and instantly I wanted to see how I could combine these passions.

During my time at InspiritAI, I did a computer vision course where we used the YOLO algorithm to do the work that a self-driving car would do; we processed all the images coming into the camera to get a sense of what is in front of the car. Our instructor, Dhruv Kedia, walked us through this process and I learned how many ties robotics had to the AI that I was learning.

The Yolo Algorithm at work

Because of this, I hope to research what other algorithms, technology, and AI processes can work with control systems and robotics. I think I will start by researching Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and how that can be applied to robotics and drones and to see where that brings me. I am also very interested in the hardware and sensors used in these AIs, such as stereo cameras and lidar.

I hope some others with similar passions to mine can find this blog and look through some of my future research to use as a jumping point to find their passions in robotics to AIs. I hope to do comprehensive enough work to properly educate people on the usages of AI in this field and what they would want to research.

Alex Elliott is a Student Ambassador in the Inspirit AI Student Ambassadors Program. Inspirit AI is a pre-collegiate enrichment program that exposes curious high school students globally to AI through live online classes. Learn more at